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My Story

Having spent 12 years in corporate life, I swapped my tie for a passion-fueled pursuit in fitness. I realized that what drives me is helping people establish healthier, lifelong habits and continuously challenge their limits. Short-term results are cool and impressive, but the key to real success is relentless consistency. One of my favorite quotes that embodies this value is: "Don't judge somebody's achievements based on where they get to in 10 weeks, but rather where they are at in 10 years."

I love spending time outdoors and playing sports. Exploring and learning various training methods has enabled me to stay in shape and be ready for the next adventure, and I will do everything I can to continue enjoying life's simple pleasures well into my eighties.

Over the 20 years I've been involved in the fitness industry, I've tried everything from: yoga, Crossfit, bootcamps, boxing, running, and strength training. I enjoy all forms, and they each have their unique benefits, but I've come to realize the holistic power of strength training. It's a life hack to boost your quality of life. Not only do I love the grind, but it was the missing piece in helping me overcome a decade of knee pain and allowing me to crush my first marathon in 2023.

Relaunching my career and overcoming chronic pain echoes the No Limit Training philosophy – where mindset, planning, relentless execution, and patience make the impossible possible.


On my journey, I've learned that the power isn't always in training harder, but in training smarter. I'm on a mission to share this method with you and empower you with the tools, confidence and passion to explore a lifelong fitness journey and become the best version of yourself.


- ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer

- ISA (International Sports Academy) Certified Personal Trainer

- ISA Essential Sports Science


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